7 Uses for Decorating Bags

Yes, 7 ways to use a decorating bag! The hardest part about writing this was picking only 7 uses to write about. When I started baking I didn't know just how useful this triangle shaped plastic bag really would be.   1.Well... Decorating of course. Of course, the first thing to talk about is what they're … Continue reading 7 Uses for Decorating Bags

Chocolate Chocolate EVERYWHERE!

    We offer a lot of items to our customers like pans, tools, molds, and a lot of edibles. But did you know that we have a separate room just for our edibles? Welcome to the chocolate room. Kept at a constant temperature of 65-70F, our chocolate room is the perfect temperature. Did you know … Continue reading Chocolate Chocolate EVERYWHERE!

Talking Candy Bars – Probably the Coolest Thing I’ve Seen Yet!

I've never worked with chocolate before. I thought you needed a double boiler and all this special equipment while watching it like a hawk to make sure everything was going well. Of course, my whole conception of chocolate changed the more I learned at CK. For example, confectionery coating (the kind that looks like little … Continue reading Talking Candy Bars – Probably the Coolest Thing I’ve Seen Yet!