Cupcake Pull Apart Cake

Prepare 31 cupcakes using CK Premium cake mix according to instructions.  This cake has 12 chocolate (77-522)  & 19 white (77-502) cupcakes (may vary with size of cupcakes). Let cool.   To make chocolate letters, melt black chocolate compound (72-6180) in a microwave-safe container in 20-seconds increments (stir) until melted. Pour into chocolate mold (90-14279). Place … Continue reading Cupcake Pull Apart Cake

The BEST Holiday Bark

I'm not sure who's idea it was to put candy in chocolate and call it a holiday treat but... it's delicious. So here is how I made the BEST holiday bark. 2 different barks - 2 different ways to make it! Ingredients: 1# Clasen Alpine Milk confectionery coating (72-6100) 1# Vanleer white confectionery coating (72-7602) … Continue reading The BEST Holiday Bark