Cupcake Pull Apart Cake


Prepare 31 cupcakes using CK Premium cake mix according to instructions.  This cake has 12 chocolate (77-522)  & 19 white (77-502) cupcakes (may vary with size of cupcakes). Let cool.


To make chocolate letters, melt black chocolate compound (72-6180) in a microwave-safe container in 20-seconds increments (stir) until melted. Pour into chocolate mold (90-14279). Place in the freezer for a few minutes until set.



To make large sprinkles, use CK colored fondant (red 77-878091, yellow 77-878101, blue 77-878041 & purple 77-
878081) and Makins ultimate fondant extruder (43-2600). Fill extruder with colored fondant (one color at a time). Extrude fondant into five 12” ropes of each color. Let dry 30 minutes. Cut into ½” to ¾” lengths.




To make 70-80 large nonpareils, roll white fondant into 1/8” to ¼” balls. Let dry.




Arrange cooled cupcakes on cake drum (27-2248).






Using large open-star tip (from set 43-J551), cover cupcake base with white buttercream icing (77-803-) in a straight up and down pattern.




Using large closed-star tip (from set 43-J551), make rosettes on each cupcake with pink buttercream icing (77-66061– need 2 for this project).





Sprinkle with prepared sprinkles and nonpareils.





Remove letters from the chocolate mold and lay letters in place.




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