The BEST Holiday Bark

I’m not sure who’s idea it was to put candy in chocolate and call it a holiday treat but… it’s delicious. So here is how I made the BEST holiday bark. 2 different barks – 2 different ways to make it!file-dec-06-1-53-55-pm


1# Clasen Alpine Milk confectionery coating (72-6100)

1# Vanleer white confectionery coating (72-7602)

1 5.8oz shaker bottle of marshmallow crunch (75-00)

1 5.8oz shaker bottle of cinnamon crunch (75-02)


So so simple!


file-dec-05-4-04-51-pm1. Melt your confectionery coating in a microwave safe bowl, 30-second increments at 40% power while stirring in between but microwaves do vary, especially depending on what type of bowl you use (plastic vs. glass) so keep an eye on your coating – you don’t want it to get too hot!

2. Once you have melted your milk chocolate, stir in half of the bottle of marshmallow crunch.

3. Cover your cookie sheet (or large cake pan like I did) with parchment paper, and pour out the rest of the bottle onto the parchment paper (31-1365) and spread it around so it’s not in a large clump.

4. When you have your crunch spread out, pour your chocolate over it and smooth around so it’s thin, but not so thin that you see the parchment paper.





5. Once you have it to the thickness you like, put your cookie sheet into the fridge to set.

6. After about 10 minutes your chocolate will be perfect and it’s time to break it up! Big pieces, little pieces, it’s totally up to you! BAM! Best bark EVER!






Another way to assemble your bark!




This one is the perfect color for the holidays! Melt your Vanleer white confectionery coating just like step 1 above (again, keep an eye on your chocolate, times WILL vary depending on microwave and type of bowl).


2. Mix in the full bottle of cinnamon crunch and mix well.


3. Cover your cookie sheet with parchment paper (31-1365) and pour out your confectionery coating crunch goodness.






4. Refrigerate your creation for about 10 minutes. Once the coating has set, break up into the pieces of your choice!






Comment with your favorite bark creation and don’t forget to subscribe for more Scrumptious ideas!


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