Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Winter!

Depending on where you are at in the world now is the time of year Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, the smell of snow is lingering in the air, and you wake up to a constant frost in your back yard. Some love it, some hate it. So here is our list of the top 10 ways you can LOVE winter!file-nov-22-12-53-14-pm


42-58010. Winter Flavors

If pumpkin spice is the unofficial flavor of fall then peppermint is definitely the unofficial flavor of winter. Peppermint coffee, peppermint chocolate, peppermint… EVERYTHING! Add some peppermint flavor to all of your baked goods with our CK Peppermint oil (42-580)! Check out our recipe for the BEST peppermint spirals HERE.



9. Cookies!!

Save some money on your heating bill this winter by sticking to the kitchen and using the heat from your oven! There is nothing better than biting into a warm cookie on a cold winter day. We have over 500 different cookie cutters and always adding new ones. Did you see the special Trump (54-97938) and Hillary (54-97939) cookie cutters we had? Check out our pre-colored green (77-101G) and red (77-101R) royal icing to give that Christmas feel too!



8. Movie Watching

Curl up in your warmest pajamas, grab the remote and grab a good movie. Could be Frozen or could be A Christmas Story, whatever floats your boat. Don’t forget the popcorn! My favorite winter popcorn treat is grabbing our green sanding sugar (78-505G) and red sanding sugar (78-505R) and sprinkling them on my popcorn. It’s sweet and looks like Christmas! What’s your favorite way to have popcorn?



7. Enjoy a Winter Cocktail

Of course only if you’re of age. There are some great winter drinks that are perfect for cocktail parties. The best part of cocktails is all about how you dress them up. Our sugar crystals are great for rimming glasses to give the sparkle you want!

6. Bark!

My favorite part of winter is all the crunchy chocolate creations people come up with! My favorite is dark chocolate (72-6150) with red and green crunch (75-1101), and yes, it’s peppermint flavored. You can’t get away from peppermint during winter.



5. Gingerbread Houses

One of my favorite winter traditions is making gingerbread houses. Since gingerbread houses are seasonal we start placing orders in July so check out all the gingerbread houses we have HERE  so you can start planning for next year! Gingerbread cookie cutters (54-91204) make it easy to make your own gingerbread people. And don’t forget the royal icing to help “glue” your house together and add decoration to your gingerbread.






4. Snowflakes EVERYWHERE

Snow, again some people love it while some people hate it. But I think we can all agree that snowflakes are just plain pretty! Whether it’s adding some snowflakes (78-11412) to your favorite cookie, or making a snowflake cake (49-4080), snowflakes add an element of elegance and sparkle to any winter occasion.




3. Snowman Decorating

There’s something about going out and building a snowman. But if you’re anything like me you like to stay out of the snow as much as possible. That’s why I like building my snowmen INSIDE, and the kids love it too! So skip the runny noses this time of year and make edible snowmen! You’ll need marshmallows, icing eyes (78-A5105), Christmas candy writer set (77-3004), and icing carrots (78-A5609). Use the candy writers as “glue” to stick the marshmallows together, stick the layons on and add some decoration like a button nose! It’s fun and since it’s edible the kids can eat their creations when they’re done.

2. Homemade Ornaments

Making homemade ornaments is a great project to do with kids and they make great presents! Our chocolate molds and hard candy molds are perfect for concrete making! Just choose your favorite mold (check out the Christmas chocolate molds HERE), grab some concrete, mix according to the bag and place in the mold. Tap out all the air bubbles (like how you would make chocolate!) and decorate with your favorite colors.


The number one thing to do to celebrate the coming of cold weather is to drink hot chocolate! And what makes hot chocolate the best? Peppermint flavored of course! Dress up your hot chocolate this year with some sprinkles or nonpareils to make it really POP!









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