CK Products 2016 Bestsellers


The most anticipated list of the year is here!

CK Products top 10 bestsellers of 2016

70-1051. Confectionery coating

This one comes as no surprise. We love chocolate and so do our customers! Great for cake pops, decorating, molds (which are all made in the USA), and so much more! With a range of flavors and colors, our chocolate compound melts fabulously and doesn’t leave you with a waxy aftertaste. Check out all of our confectionery coatings HERE.


75-2000 (2)

2. Peter’s Caramel (75-2000)

Since caramel apple is the new Fall favorite (don’t believe me? Check out our blog all about caramel apples HERE), it just makes sense that Peter’s caramel is #2 on the list. This high-quality caramel not only has a creamy, buttery taste but it’s also incredibly easy to use and one of the best to use for making caramel apples. But why stop at just Peter’s? Check out our other caramels HERE.



3. CK White Buttercream Icing (77-665)

Best. Icing. Ever. CK’s buttercream tastes amazing and can be used right from the tub, or you can mix it on low for a few minutes. With CK’s white buttercream you can add your favorite CK color or flavor to make this icing your own creation. Great for the magnificent wedding cake or an after school snack, this buttercream is so versatile it’s no wonder it came as #3 on the CK Bestsellers list. Don’t want to mix your own color? Check out our other colored buttercream HERE. Same great taste, just different colors.




4. CK Royal Icing (77-101)

This is a MUST if you are a cookie decorator! One 1# bag covers approximately 25-30 three inch cookies, which is the PERFECT amount for a batch of cookies. Since it’s a dry formula you can add the amount of water you need to get the right flow of icing for the perfect cookies. Color it the way you want with CK gel colors, or if you’re in need of green, red, or black we’ve got you covered with our pre-colored royal icing! Check out the video HERE.



5. Meringue Powder (76-1501)

Where would the baking world be without meringue powder? Meringue powder is used for making royal icing, buttercream icing, boiled icing, and even meringue topping for pies! We offer meringue powder in 4oz (76-1504), 8oz (76-1508), and 1lb (76-1501).




6. Rainbow Disco Glitter 43-1884(43-1884)

One of the most talked about CK product on Instagram is our Disco Glitter. We have 79 different colors in disco glitter but the #1 color is rainbow. It adds a nice shine to wedding cakes and display cakes. Disco glitter is considered non-toxic but if you’re looking for an FDA-approved edible dust check out our edible luster dusts and edible petal dusts. Disco Glitter is comparable to Disco Dust®. Disco Dust® is a registered trademark of Confectionary Arts, Inc.


76-25087. Dry Egg Whites (76-2505)

Our customers order dry egg whites by the truckload because it makes a large production of bakery items so much easier. Just 2 tablespoons of dry egg whites will replace one egg, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. Plus, our dry egg whites have a one-year shelf life (if stored in a cool dry place), which is a lot longer than the 2-week shelf life of eggs.




8. Red Sanding Sugar (78-280R)

Rose quartz and serenity might be the color of the year (according to Pantone), but red will always be a favorite. What would Christmas or Valentine’s day be without red? So it’s no surprise that red sanding sugar made it on the top 10 list. Our sanding sugar is fine enough that just the right amount of sugar makes your dessert glisten in the light. Most of our sanding sugars come in 33lbs, 16oz & 4oz jar (sold in increments of 6). Check out all the colors we have HERE.

43-19529. Imperial Dust – Gold (43-1952)

The second most talked about product on Instagram is our Imperial Gold Dust. According to The Knot metallic wedding cakes are the #1 wedding cake trend (check out the full article HERE). Imperial gold dust can be used in dry form as a dust (check out our dusting pumps #33-2349 for easy application) or mixed with alcohol or lemon juice to create paint. Check out all of our dusting powders HERE.



10. SqueezeIt Mold Painter (81-302)

SqueezeIt Mold painter really comes in handy when you have a mold with intricate designs and you want to change the colors. Sure using a bowl and spoon to scoop your melted chocolate into your mold works ok if you don’t mind making a mess and you just have a standard mold. But when you have a chocolate or candy mold that you want to get just right these SqueezeIt Mold painters works wonders! Plus, you can microwave your confectionery coating right in the bottle and since you’re directly squeezing your chocolate or candy into the mold there is no messy clean up so it’s perfect for kids too! Check out all our easy to use tools HERE.


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