7 Uses for Decorating Bags

Yes, 7 ways to use a decorating bag! The hardest part about writing this was picking only 7 uses to write about. When I started baking I didn’t know just how useful this triangle shaped plastic bag really would be.



1.Well… Decorating of course.

Of course, the first thing to talk about is what they’re actually used for, which is decorating. If you’re going to use just one decorating tip you don’t have to use a coupler, although they are recommended. But if you just want a quick easy job, find your favorite CK plastic decorating tip, place it inside the bag, and snip off the tip of the bag. Fill the bag with your favorite buttercream (like CK’s chocolate buttercream 77-703), tie off the end with a rubber band and you’re in business.






2. Royal icing

Piping royal icing on cookies has never been easier with decorating bags! Create the consistency you want your royal icing, fill your decorating bag, snip off the end, and pipe your creation onto your cookie.


decorating-bag3. Melting chocolate


This little trick was my favorite to learn about it. Our decorating bags are made of a heavy duty plastic so it won’t melt in the microwave when you’re melting chocolate! Goodbye messy bowls and spoons, hello easy chocolate goodness! Pick your favorite chocolate compound (like Clasen’s Alpine White 72-6200), put it in the bag, tie off the bag with a rubber band and place it in the microwave. Here is the important part! Melt your compound in 30-second intervals at 40% power. After 30 seconds take the bag out and knead it. This is the important part because you want to make sure the warm chocolate bits will melt the rest of the compound. Continue to do this until it’s fully melted but still cool enough to handle. Then snip off the tip and BOOM! Easy chocolate decorating!






img_00054. Cupcakes

One of my biggest pet peeves is batter all over my cupcake pans. Seems like no matter what you do the cupcake batter ends up everywhere (my favorite is our red velvet # 77-552). Piping cupcake batter into your baking cups not only keeps the batter off your pans but also off your hands. Clean up is a breeze when you just throw the bag away. No fuss, no muss.


file-nov-01-10-50-44-am5. As a funnel

Working with decorating dusts? Snip off the end of a decorating bag, around an inch and a half from the bottom, then snip off the very tip. Place the small end of your decorating tip in your dust pump (33-2349) and use this as a funnel so you don’t get that precious dust all over your counter!




6. Cute gift ideas

This one is perfect for the holidays. Find your favorite holiday jimmies or edible confetti, fill your decorating bag, and tie off with a cute bow. Great holiday present with a fabulous presentation. Go a step further by tying a recipe on the end of the bag.

7. Grout

Yes, you read that right. Grout. Next time you’re re-doing the grout think about our 22″ disposable decorating bags 31-71. Easy clean up and no need for expensive tools.


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