Chocolate Chocolate EVERYWHERE!




We offer a lot of items to our customers like pans, tools, molds, and a lot of edibles. But did you know that we have a separate room just for our edibles?

Welcome to the chocolate room.


Kept at a constant temperature of 65-70F, our chocolate room is the perfect temperature. Did you know that chocolate is best when at 65F? No melting here at CK!


But chocolate isn’t the only thing we keep in our chocolate room. Buttercream, gel colors, fondant, and cake mixes are just a SMALL number of items we keep in our chocolate room.


94-25687_star_white-with-white-disco-dust-yellow-with-ed-glitter-starsSpeaking of chocolate, did you know that we have 3 different brands of chocolate and confectionery coating? And now our confectionery coating comes in 3 different sizes: 25lbs, 1lb, and now a new 7oz bag (which is sold in increments of 6). 7oz is the perfect size for in-home projects and even a classroom setting, making items like cake pops, chocolate covered cookies, and they’re a great size for making your own chocolate lay-ons for cakes and cupcakes.






My favorite part about our chocolates? MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! How great is that? It seems like it’s more and more difficult to get made in America products. All our chocolate is made in America, and all of our molds are made right here Fort Wayne Indiana!


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