What Can You Do With Dry Fondant

We have an AMAZING sale going on with our dry fondant right now so why not a blog about the many uses of dry fondant?


When I first started at CK I didn’t even know what fondant was let alone dry fondant. So it was amazing to find out what you can make with it!


Candy Centers


  • 1lb CK Dry Fondant (76-5501)
  • 2 Tbsp milk or whipping cream
  • 6 Tbsp butter or margarine


  1. Warm liquid with butter on stove top
  2. Stir the dry fondant into the mixture
  3. Knead mixture with your hands
  4. Flavor with your favorite CK flavor or CK color

Once you get the color and consistently you
like, roll fondant into small balls and dip them in your favorite confectionery coating. Check out all the colors we have HERE. 


Petit Four and Donut Icing


Mix approximately 1/4 cup of water with 1-1/4 cup of dry fondant mix. Add water slowly and stop when you get to the consistency that you want (everyone is different when it comes to preference).

I looked on the web for other recipes and they called for SOOOO many ingredients! So the fact you can make this icing with just mixing water and our dry fondant mix is incredible! For donuts just dunk the top of the donuts (or the whole donut – we don’t judge), and then top with your favorite topping while still wet.










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