Stamp a Cake®

We are so excited when we get new product. It’s like Christmas here in the office. The latest product to the lineup?

Stamp a Cake®!




These stamps are just amazing (and easy). So how do they work? Well, there are a few tools with it. There is the disposable ink tray (34-8103), an acrylic stamp holder (34-8104), ink foam roller (34-8101), and of course, ink!



We offer 8 different types of stamps, ranging from various “Happy Birthday”sayings, alphabet, flowers and so much more! Check out all the different styles HERE. These stamps are made with food grade material so you don’t have to worry about them leaving any nasty chemicals on your cakes like other stamps. Of course, you could use these for crafts as well but just keep in mind that as soon as you use non-edible ink you won’t be able to use them for cakes ever again, no matter how much you scrub.





So pick the stamp you want and place it the way you want on the acrylic holder. The backs of the stamps cling to the acrylic making it easy to make the design you want and they won’t slip around when you’re stamping your cake! Now the hard part… picking the color you want!




There are 4 different colors of ink: white (34-8201), black (34-8202), silver (34-8203), and gold (34-8204). Choose the color ink you’d like, or even make your own color by mixing your favorite gel color with the white ink in the ink tray. These inks are great because not only are they FDA approved, but they’re also made in America! We make sure that all of our edible items here at CK are made in America, we like supporting our local businesses and making sure we deliver a quality product to our customers.





ink-pr-shotOnce you get the perfect color in your ink tray, it’s time to get rolling. These rollers have a special hard plastic air-tight case so when you’re finished you don’t have to worry about putting that beautiful ink down the drain, just seal it up for next time! Dip the roller in the ink (almost like when you’re painting a wall), and make sure you get an even coat of ink. When you have an even coat, roll the ink onto the stamp (the one that you put on the acrylic holder). If you’re new to stamping we recommend you practice first just to make sure you’re comfortable.




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