Customer Spotlight on The Sugar Skull Gallery



One thing I love about CK is our customers! We sent out an email to our customers (didn’t get it? Email us your customer number to to be a part of our customer spotlight campaign. Once a week we will be featuring a customer and sharing their work and stories to the world to show our appreciation for ordering from us!


Since Day of the Dead is right around the corner it was only fitting to spotlight The Sugar Skull Gallery. Here is Michele Simon’s Bio:

Michele Simons is a long-time San Francisco Resident and Artist.

Michele discovered her life passion on a tiny island in Mexico. Her love for Latino Arts and Culture lead her to study and travel extensively through the country; especially for the Day of the Dead Holiday.

Many years ago after her mother passed away, she visited Mexico for the first time and went to Pátzcuaro and Isla Janitzio in Michoacán. She was there during the Day of the Dead and it was there that she purchased her first sugar skull from an artisan who customized the little sweet with her mothers name Constance.

20 years later, she still has the sugar skull from the Pátzcuaro marketplace to honor her mother. This little skull comforted her during some dark times and inspired her to start “playing with sugar” . She laughs when describing her only culinary training which was from her childhood “watching Grandma Virginia create masterpieces out of icing and cake”

In 2008 she decided to turn a long time dream into a reality and launched The Sugar Skull Gallery. Many later, she expresses her tremendous joy in creating these fantastic, sweet characters and sharing her passion and expertise with her community through the many workshops that she teaches during the Day of the Dead Holiday season.

She was featured in a video about Sugar Skulls and was kind enough to share it with us. Watch the full video HERE.

For her Sugar Skulls she uses:

CK Meringue Powder (76-1501)

CK Disposable 12″ decorating bags (31-55)

CK Decorating Tips: #1 (2P-1), #2 (2P-2), #3 (2P-3) , #4 (2P-4)

CK Gel Coloring

CK Edible Decorations 

Check out her Sugar Skull Workshops HERE.



She also does gingerbread workshops in December!


For her Gingerbread workshops she uses:

CK Gingerbread Houses 

CK Cake Boards

CK Meringue Powder (76-1501)

CK Disposable 12″ decorating bags (31-55)


CK Decorating Tip #8 (2P-8)

CK Sanding Sugars 


Check out her workshops HERE.

Make sure you subscribe so you can learn more about our amazing customers and scrumptious treats.






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