What’s What in Your Recipe

Ever find a recipe that calls for a product you are not familiar with? Here is a list of some of the most common words that are questioned in the candy making and cake decorating business.



ACETIC ACID- a strong vinegar concentrate obtained from a pharmacist

ALMOND PASTE – a smooth, heavy dough made of ground almonds; used in candies and pastries.

70-2551CANDY COATING – chocolate-like product which does not require tempering75-1101.jpg

CANDY CRUNCHES– hard candy of various flavors and colors in small pieces; often used to mix with candy coating

CITRIC ACID – helps prevent sugaring and improves flavors, especially in fruit candies, making them tangier; available in liquid or crystal form

COCONUT DOUGH – a chewy, coconut candy center

CONFECTIONERS GLAZE – a non-toxic shellac used to make chocolate or other confections shine; used mainly for display

DESICCATED COCONUT – a finely cut, dry, unsweetened coconut


DRY FONDANT – a specially formulated cane sugar product used to make quality icings and candies

EDIBLE GLITTER– add a sparkle to confections

FRAPPE’ – marshmallow cream; stays soft, and is used in many candy recipes

GLUCOSE – concentrated corn syrup

GLYCERINE – thick, clear liquid used for thinning down paste color

GUM ARABIC – vegetable gum used to strengthen royal icing and to make an edible glue for gumpaste77-201.jpg

GUMPASTE MIX – dry mix that you add water to for gumpaste, an edible clay

HARD CANDY MIX – dry mix that you add water to and cook to make hard candy; also used as a base for other types of candy

LECITHIN – an emulsifier made from soybeans and used to keep oils from separating; can be used to thin confectionery coating, add one drop at a time and stir

76-1504.jpgMERINGUE POWDER – an egg white mixture in powder form used for meringue or icing

OILS AND FLAVORINGS – oils have a more potent flavor and do not thin candy; to flavor hard candy or chocolate, always use concentrated flavors or oils

PARAMOUNT CRYSTALS – vegetable oils, mostly coconut oil, in small solid pieces; used to thin bloomed chocolate, or make chocolate creamier and less brittle76-4354.jpg

PASTRY FILLINGS– fruit or cream fillings that are ready to use between layers of cake or for any confection

PIPING GELclear or colored gel that is used in cake decorating

ROYAL ICING MIX – dry mix that you add water to and beat to get royal icing or run sugar that gets hard when set

VEGETABLE GUMS– a blend of vegetable gums used in place of gum tragacanth; used in icing recipes

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