Top 10 ways to Celebrate Fall! 

Fall is in the air! What are some ways that we can celebrate?



1. Pumpkin Spice!

Like I mentioned in my last blog, one of the key indicators of Fall is making everything pumpkin spiced flavored. We have a Perfect Palate powdered pumpkin spice flavoring that you can add to any dessert and really bring out that pumpkin spice flavor! We also have a pumpkin spice emulsion (42-37894) from LorAnn so the flavor won’t bake out of your cake!.

File Sep 02, 4 42 35 PM

2. Cookies!

It’s getting a little chillier out which means we won’t completely DIE with the oven on. So that makes Fall the perfect time to start making those cookies! What is the best part about cookies (besides eating the dough)? Decorating the cookies! We have cookie cutters of every shape and size, many different colors of fondant (and it’s PHO-free!), three different colors of royal icing (green –77-101G, red – 77-101R, and black – 77-101K, which tastes GREAT!), and we’re getting ready to bring out a new cookie icing! Stay tuned! We even have a Halloween candy writing (77-3003) set with all the colors you’d need for a Halloween/fall theme!

Halloween Cookies

3. Caramel Apples!

Growing up near an apple orchid, nothing kicked off the beginning of fall like caramel apples! Apples, 10″ candy apple sticks (88-68), Peter’s Caramel 5# loaf (75-2000), and top it off with your favorite crunch or nuts! Don’t forget to add your white confectionery coating to your caramel to make it stick to the apple! We recommend 1# of white confectionery coating, like Merkens (70-2200), for every 5# of caramel.

75-2000 (2)


Fair caramel apple 4










4. Hot Chocolate!

Here at CK we love all things chocolate but one of my favorites is hot chocolate! I would suggest Marquis Milk chocolate (70-9031). Melt your chocolate and then add it to a steamy cup of hot milk. Mix it up by adding chili powder, cinnamon, or even a splash of vanilla.


5. Fall Colors!

This is the time of year that we get away from the bright colors of summer and get to the earthy tones of fall. Yellows, oranges, reds, and browns just to name a few. Come Fall time, I love these colors in my candy. If it’s fall I’m pretty sure I’ll eat any candy that’s in the shape of a leaf (or corn!) and are these colors. Fall Jimmies – aka sprinkles (78-530F) are my favorite!

File Sep 02, 5 24 19 PM

78-530F, 78-11313, 78-520K


6. Popcorn!

Granted this is my favorite year round, but with fall comes the comfort of popcorn. Smelling the fresh fall popcorn at festivals is just one of those smells that can’t be beaten! Different kinds you can make are caramel (Peter’s soft caramel #75-2031) and apple cinnamon (use Perfect Palate Apple Cinnamon #42-002 and a dust pump #33-2349 for easy application).



75-2031, 42-002, 33-2349

7. S’Mores!

There’s nothing like sitting next to a fire wearing a hoodie & jeans and roasting some marshmallows! But if you live in the city like I do, they sometimes frown upon fires. Best way to get your s’mores fix is to make cake pops with our white cake mix (#77-502) and white buttercream (#77-803) flavored with Perfect Palate powdered fireside marshmallow (#42-027), covered in chocolate (pick a fun fall color like orange!) and our Graham Cracker crunch (#75-2172). Pick a fun fall cake pop mold too to take it to the next level.





8. Shopping!

Yup, it’s that time of year again! Once the leaves start falling we’re thinking about what kind of holiday shopping we need to do! My favorite gifts to give people are desserts because it’s easy. Do you own your own bakery? Become a customer of ours today and we’ll take care of your freight costs for your first order if it’s over $200! Check it out here. Not a business but still like to bake items for the holidays? Check out where you can get them here.



9. Coffee!



Again, this is something I enjoy year round. But it’s also the time of year that coffee shops are bringing out fall favorite flavors. Of course, pumpkin spice is always on the top of my list, but we have other fall favorites like chai, salted caramel, cinnamon, maple, almond and white mocha! Don’t forget the cute mug to go with it!

10. Back to school!

Some people love it, some people hate it. I think it depends on your age group. But the best things about back to school are all the back to school activities! Pep rallies? Bring some cupcakes. Football? Doesn’t matter if it’s high school or college, nothing is better than celebrating with cake.



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