Pumpkin Spice Everything is BACK!

One of the first signs of Fall isn’t the kids going back to school. It’s not the first leaf falling. It’s not the slight chill in the air. No, the first sign of Fall is PUMPKIN SPICE! You see it everywhere! Lattes, candles, air fresheners; they say your sense of smell is one of your strongest senses.

So, of COURSE, we have a pumpkin spice powdered flavoring! One thing I love doing is mixing our Perfect Palate™ Pumpkin Spice (42-025) into our PHO-Free White Buttercream (77-800) and putting that on EVERYTHING! A dollop here, dollop there. It’s great for almost every dessert! 1/4 tsp. per pound of buttercream is all you need. One thing that works really well is using our Dust Pumps (33-2346). You can put the majority of the powdered flavor in the pump, then use that when you want to add your flavoring to everything. Mixing your Whipped Icing (77-810)? Add some Perfect Palate™! Is Apple Cinnamon (42-002) more your Fall flavor? We have a Perfect Palate™ in that flavor!



Stay tuned for more Scrumptious ideas!



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