Novice Baker meets Confectionery Wholesaler

You know what I love about baking?



Take me for example, last year I couldn’t cook macaroni and cheese to save my life – let alone a cake! I would look at recipes and think “I don’t have the right pan, the right cooking utensils, I can’t do this!” So it was a little surprising that I landed a job at CK Products, LLC – a baking ingredient manufacturer & distributor in Fort Wayne Indiana!  How could someone like me, a person with no baking experience be able to do my job effectively?


It’s easy!

When I looked at the catalog and saw the pages and pages of accessories, bakeware, yummy cake mixes, chocolate molds and more I was so excited! I didn’t realize that so many items existed in the baking world!

So that’s what I’m here to do for you – show you all the items we have to offer and how even novice bakers like me can use them simply and effectively! Will there be fumbles along the way? Probably, but that will just make this scrumptious journey that more exciting!




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