Mad about Pink

Anyone who has a loved one who has experience breast cancer is passionate about the subject. My thoughts immediately go to my mom and on to others. The subject makes me Mad about Pink.

CK Products, LLC has a wide array of items that are specifically for breast cancer awareness.


Impression Mat 35-2730

Chocolate  Molds: 90-9097, 90-9099, 90-9229, 90-9230, 90-9625

Hard Candy Molds: 8H-9229, 8H-9231

Sprinkles: 78-11975, 78-15975

90-16805 awareness ribbon_mold


Instructions to make the Awareness Ribbon Pantastic® Pan

CK Buttercream icing, white (77-660)

CK Fondant, white (77-87200)

Candy coating, super white (70-2220) and red (70-2550)

Tips #16 and #18

Cake Board (22-109133)

Follow cake mix or recipe instructions. Grease & flour pan, fill ⅔ full.

Standard Oven: Place pan on a shiny cookie sheet and bake according to mix instructions.

Microwave: Microwave for about 6 minutes, rotating every 2 minutes (microwave times may vary).

Cool cake 5 minutes in pan. Release from pan and cool on a rack or towel. Cool cake completely, position on cake board.

Wash pan in warm sudsy water using soft brush.

Decorating for Awareness Ribbon Cake (49-9402)

  • Use clean, dry pan to make candy mold (melt candy coating (3 parts white and 1 part red), in microwave in 30 second increments, stirring every 30 seconds until melted), pour into pan, place pan in freezer for 5 minutes or until candy is set.
  • Cover cake with fondant rolled to size.
  • Use #16 open star tip for shell border around ribbon with buttercream icing.
  • Use #18 open star tip for bottom border with buttercream icing.

What will you do to show your support?

Visit http://www.CKproducts,com to see the Mad about Pink flyer for more ideas.


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