The Debatable Nut

In 1937, a famous musical duo got into a silly argument via song.pecan group

“You like potato, and I like potahto. You like tomato, and I like tomahto.”

They go on to debate the pronunciation of words like, “pajamas,” “either,” “vanilla” and “oysters.” But one glaring pronunciation debate was completely left out of the song: the word “pecan.”

However you choose to pronounce it, you are likely very set in your ways and can’t be convinced that there is any other way to say it. It’s either, “pee-KAHN” or “PEE-can.”

pecan dayWith today being National Pecan Day, I decided to take a poll here in the office to see how folks at CK Products pronounce the word. I showed my co-workers a picture of some pecans and asked them individually what they were, in order to hear their pronunciation of the delightful nut. Everyone said, “pee-KAHN,” with a few answering, “walnut,” throwing off the entire experiment.

Does it really matter how we pronounce it? I can imagine all of our Southern readers nodding. I lived in Georgia for five years and was surrounded by people who called them “PEE-cans.” They politely corrected me whenever I said “pee-KAHNS.” Well, most of them were polite. Some people get pretty heated about the debatable nut.

However you pronounce it, I think it’s safe to say that most people love pecans. Whether in a candy bar, a pecan pie, or the delicious flavor of butter pecan, the nut certainly brings joys to lots of people.

We’re curious- what’s your favorite way to enjoy pecans?

Happy National Pecan Day!


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