National Baking Week- Day by Day


What is it about the word that sends our memories racing and gets our senses excited? We think of grandma’s kitchen during the holidays. We remember flour fights with our siblings. Our mouths water at the idea of cakes, cookies and pies. Our noses tingle remembering the smell of our favorite bread in the oven.

Today kicks of National Baking Week, and there’s no doubt in our minds that there’s plenty for everyone to celebrate. Whether you fancy cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies or cake pops, this week is the perfect excuse to try something new in the kitchen, or to perfect an old recipe you’ve had for years.

Since we know you’ll want to embrace this week as much as we do here at CK Products, we’ve put together a baking schedule of something exciting you can do each day of National Baking Week. So heat up the oven, clear the counters, and let’s get baking!

Today, Monday, April 6

Spend today gearing up for the week. Flip through your cookbooks and recipe cards and decide which ones are your favorites. Maybe there’s a recipe you’ve loved for years, or maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the time to do it. Tell yourself that this week, you’ll make the time.

Don’t forget, there are also lots of great recipes and ideas online. Check out our Pinterest page for some inspiration.

20150404_135002Tuesday, April 7

Kickoff your baking for the week with a great cookie recipe. The possibilities with cookies are practically endless. Sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal, gluten-free, snicker doodle, the list goes on and on! And don’t forget the many options for frosting- royal icing, buttercream, and fondant.

If you don’t have the time to actually bake cookies, we’ll let you cheat. Use a CK Products Sandwich Cookie Mold to cover your favorite cookies-and-cream cookies with chocolate!

Wednesday, April 8

Wednesday is a great day to brush up on your cupcake skills. Consider trying something new, like a flavor in your cake batter, like vanilla, butter, almond or coconut. Can’t decide between two types of cake? Make cupcakes that are both! Batter Babies give you the best of both worlds by dividing your cupcakes into two different flavors and/or colors.

Thursday, April 9

Dust off grandma’s pie pan and put it to good use this Thursday by baking a pie! Pies can be as simple or as complicated as you want. If you want to keep things simple, purchase a piecrust at your local grocery, add some filling, and bake in the oven. Don’t forget to pick up some ice cream, as nothing goes better with a warm piece of pie than some vanilla ice cream.

Friday, April 10cake_pops_bsf

By Friday you’re feeling like a pro in the kitchen, so tackle the adventure of making some cake pops! There are a couple of different methods to making cake pops. Look online for recipes using buttercream icing, cream cheese or sandwich cookies. Each have their own unique flavor.

Spend Friday night with the family decorating your cake pops and take great joy in being creative with what you can make!

Saturday, April 11

The day has arrived. All week you’ve been in the kitchen, embracing National Bake Week. Today, you shall make a cake. And because we want you impress all your friends and family with your baking skills, we suggest you make a Pantastic® Pan cake. These plastic pans are BPA-free and FDA-approved. Simply place the plastic cake pan on a shiny cookie sheet and bake according to your recipe instructions.

Each pan comes with decorating tips and ideas, but feel free to get your creative juices flowing and come up with your own brilliant decorating ideas! Then, take lots of pictures and flood your Facebook timeline with photos of your creation.

Sunday, April 12

It’s the last day of National Baking Week. Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy any leftovers that are milling around your kitchen. Maybe even take a family poll- which baked good was their favorite? Which was the most exciting to make? What do you want to try and bake next year for National Baking Week?

Once the leftover baked goods have been consumed, and National Baking Week comes to a close, pat yourself of the back for all your hard work. And then have someone else clean the kitchen.


CK Products is a wholesaler that only sells to registered businesses. Not a business? If you see something you like, talk to your local cake decorating store to see if they carry CK Products. Or, use our “Find a Retailer” feature on our website to see what stores near you carry CK Products!


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