From Egg to Penguin

Pantastic® Pan with Eggs-tra  almost Endless Possibilities –

The Decorated Egg (49-2013) is cute decorated in colored CK Buttercream Icing for Easter.


49-2013 Decorated Egg


Take the same pan and transform it into a penguin.


To Decorate Penguin from Egg Pan

CK Ready-to-use Buttercream icing – white (77-663)

CK Ready-to-use CK fondant – black (77-87203), white (77-87200)

Cake Board (22-109133)

Squeeze Gel Color – orange (41-69103)

Follow cake mix or recipe instructions. Grease & flour pan, fill 2/3 full.

Standard Oven
Place pan on a shiny cookie sheet and bake according to mix instructions.

Microwave for about 6 minutes, rotating every 2 minutes (microwave times may vary).

Cool cake 5 minutes in pan. Release from pan and cool on a rack or towel.
Cool cake completely, position on cake board.
Wash pan in warm sudsy water using soft brush.

  • Remove egg design from top of cake with knife. Dust off cumbs.
  • Crumb-coat entire cake with white buttercream icing. Let crust over.
  • Roll white fondant large enough to cover bottom half of cake. Smooth and trim.
  • Roll black fondant large enough to cover top half of cake. Use bottom of cake pan for pattern to cut curve. Place on cake, overlapping white fondant. Smooth and trim.
  • Cut eyes from remaining white fondant and pupils from remaining black fondant. Lay in place.
  • Add  orange gel color (one drop at a time) to a small amount of white fondant until desired shade is achieved.
  • Form beak from orange fondant. Lay in place.
  • Cut feet from orange fondant. Lay in place.
  • Shape wings from black fondant. Brush with small amount of water. Press to sides of cake.

What will you create with this pan?  We will enjoy seeing your pictures.


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