Special Messages Made in Chocolate

I have found the Talking Candy Bar (TCB) to be the perfect graduation gift. The best gift to a student or wedding couple is money. The TCB allows me to hand the recipient something other than a card with my cash gift.

Items used in this project:

What I love about using the Melt & Fill is I am able to make the candy bars in school or bridal colors.



I am using the TCB as my mold.  Put the Candy Writers in a cup with very hot (but not boiling) water to melt the chocolate. Use the black Candy Writer to fill in the congratulations. Pop it into the freezer to set, 10 minutes.

demo-2-TCB_fill-candy-writerFill in the ribbon with the white Candy Writer.

Back into the freezer for 10 min. demo-3-TCB_fill-candy-writer



Take the Melt & Fill and like the Candy Writer melt the chocolate in the tube by placing it into very hot water.


Once the chocolate is melted, dry the tube so water does not seize the product, unseal the cap, use the cap ring as your coupler, put in the tip, screw on the cap and it is ready to go. The Melt & Fill fills 2 TCB.


demo-6-TCB_tip-melt-fillAfter filling, you guessed it, put it into the freezer for 15-20 minutes until it is completely set. Open and view the success! Return to the TCB, fold in the edges and give away.


http://www.CKproducts.com has a growing lists of Talking Candy Bars.


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