Sandwich Cookie Chocolate Mold Treats

Many people love the chocolate cookies with cream in between and others love the peanut butter, then there is the majority that loves both!  🙂  The same people love chocolate. The Sandwich Cookie Chocolate Mold is a way to do both. By decorating the top of the mold and putting chocolate in the mold, adding the cookie, filling the remainder of the mold with chocolate you have the ideal treat.

I am in the minority. Sandwich cookies are not my thing. The molds are so cute I had to find a way to use them for the minority.

So… Drum roll please! Chocolate topped marshmallow treats!

90-1613017 and 90-1613014

90-1613017 and 90-1613014

Decorate the molds with CK Candy Writers (77-3200 – 77-3900), freeze set it. Place chocolate discs in a disposable piping bag, microwaved 30 seconds, knead, 15 seconds, knead… until melted, snip the end of the bag and pipe 3/8 – ¼” into the mold (if you are doing the cookie, pipe ½ full, insert cookie and finish covering with chocolate.) Freezer set.






As a novice let me share what I have done wrong in the past… Do not pipe the chocolate too hot onto a decorated piece… the colored chocolate will bleed.  😦 My other mistake is over filling the images and they bleed 😦


Take a sheet of Rice Krispies® Treat Sheet (75-2202) and use a 2” cookie cutter to cut out perfect round treats. Use a bit of melted chocolate to glue the treat to the molded chocolate. I keep the candy in the mold as I assemble the 2 so that they are perfectly aligned.

Enjoy! 🙂 🙂 🙂

CK Products has over 130 different sandwich cookie chocolate molds. They are so cute!

Good News! CK Products chocolate and candy coatings are on sale until June 30, 2014.

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