It’s CRUNCH Time!

Literally CRUNCH time, Christmas is less than a month away,

People are looking for gifts and many will give gifts of cajarsofbark_crunchndy. Bark is fast and easy to make using CK Products Crunch and your choice of chocolate.

I made 5 batches of bark. My favorite is Merckens Yucatan Dark chocolate (70-9021) with Boysenberry Candy Crunch (75-1703). Taking wax paper or parchment paper (31-1500) I spread out my crunch, poured my chocolate over it and use a spatula to spread it out while mixing in the crunch. You may add the crunch to the chocolate before pouring.

Other combinations:

BarkWboisenberryKey Lime Candy Crunch (75-1702) and Merckens Super White (70-2220)

Red & Green Peppermint Candy Crunch (75-1101) and Mercken Super White (70-2220)

Cinnamon Candy Crunch (75-1401) and Merckens Cocoa Lite(70-2100)

Tart Cherry Candy Crunch (75-1404) and Peter’s Galeton Bittersweet Chocolate (71-2166)

Tiny Crisp Rice (These have recently changed for the better – the round balls now hold up better when mixed into chocolate.) and Marquis Milk Chocolate (70-9031)

Toffee Candy Crunch (75-1001), Butter Brittle Candy Crunch (75-1201), Lemon Candy Crunch (75-1301), Tangerine Candy Crunch (75-1701) and more. Click here to see all of the crunches. Many of the crunches are while supplies last because they are a seasonal item.

Why did I use a lot of Merckens? It’s simple, many of 1 pound bags are on sale until 12/13/13.


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