3 ways I used my Peter’s Caramel

Caramel Apples – Using 5lbs Peter’s Caramel Loaf melted with 1lb Merckens White Confectionery coating. ( Sorry, no pictures because they are all gone.) The confectionery coating helped keep the caramel from pulling down off the apple.

1truffle_webThen last night I made the Raspberry Caramel recipe from the back of the box. Yum! Taking raspberries into a bag, I mashed the berries to get all the juice I could out of them. Then I cut a hole in thecarmelTruffleBite_web corner of the bag to get just the juice, straining to remove the seeds. It will take about pint of raspberries to get 210g of juice. If you cannot find the recipe on  box go to Peter’s website: http://www.peterschocolate.com/recipe-pages/recipe5-11.html

I did not have enough truffle shells made so I made a type of turtle. Taking a muffin cup I put pecan pieces, spooned the raspberry caramel on top followed by Marquis milk chocolate and a touch of Boysenberry Crunch on top.turtleish_web

I would love to hear about the truffles you are making. What recipes are you using?

The combinations are endless. I invite you to look at all the different crunches, chocolate  and flavorings available at www.CKproducts.com


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