Suckers – from drips to success

Dripping sucker

Suckers Create Smiles on Kids Faces, but needless sticky hands are not appreciated.

I learned a few lessons in making suckers. It all started with a simple recipe of sugar and corn syrup that I remembered using as a kid.

After making the sugar mixture and pouring them into my molds (8H-4968, 8H-4244, 8H-4958 and 8H-3294) I smiled because they initially looked beautiful! They popped out of their molds bulightbulb_dript they were very sticky.  24 hours later we noticed they were dripping. Ugh! This is not what I was hoping for. To save I could dust them with powdered sugar but that would lose their clear color I wanted to preserve.

Isomalt suckersAfter talking with those who have more experience (including our quality control personnel), I learned that Isomalt Nibs (I used Green 76-86004 and Purple 76-8607) are much easier, quicker and less messy. The end results were what I was looking for. The Nibs melted in the microwave heated in 15 second intervals. Once melted, I added the flavoring and poured the mixture into my lightly greased molds. These are not very sweet, but they are beautiful.


I used a can to hold the stick down – this allowed the stick to be covered by a bit more of the mixture

I used a can to hold the stick down – this allowed the stick to be covered by a bit more of the mixture

Additional benefits to the Isomalt Nibs are the consistency in the clarity of the color.

I also read that keeping the hard candy in a dry container helps keep the suckers from getting sticky.

Hi_Sweet_productshotThe next product I tried was the Hi-Sweet Powdered Corn Syrup (75-4351) with LorAnn’s Raspberry flavoring (42-2160.) This gave me the sweetness I desired and the final result was not as sticky as the straight corn syrup. After a night in the ziplock bag with wax paper between them the suckers were sticky free.

red_lightbulb_overflowOther mistakes I made – Not putting the sticks in the red raspberry alien heads pictured above and over filling the mold of my light bulb.

The light bulbs (8h-4968) are at 3d mold that have 2 halves “glued” together with your sugar mixture.

There are many other ways to make suckers. Some are using the CK Products Hard Candy Mix (75-4301) or LorAnn Hard Candy Mix (75-4210). LorAnn also has a Sugar Free mix (75-4215.) Hmmm maybe my road to making the perfect sucker is not over quite yet.  At this point I will stop with these as I have more than enough to eat.




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