Planning for the Holidays

This is a sneak peak at my house. I will post it on facebook when the roof is completed.

This is a sneak peek at my house. I will post it on facebook when the roof is completed.

Now that orders are being placed for Gingerbread Houses, it is time to plan how to decorate them. (Remember to pre-order by September 1st)

Take a look to see if you have colored icing, gum paste, confectionery coating, candy writers and candy on hand.

The house starts with Royal Icing (77-101) or Buttercream Icing (77-660) to “glue” your house together.

Sugar Layons
One of the easiest ways to add some elements to your house are sugar layons. In the picture to the left is a wreath (74-28004).

Use gum paste or confectionery coating in molds to at dimension to your house.

moldsClassic Gingerbread house details
Use the Gingerbread House Accessories Mold 90-4310

Add Santa, a snowman and a wreath on the door.
Use Gingerbread Christmas Accessories Mold 90-4311

Make your different by making it a Church.
Use Gingerbread Church Accessory Mold 90-4313

Or make it early and make it haunted.
Use Haunted House Accessories Mold 90-3115

78-523x_optAdd candy to your list.
Candy Pebbles (78-7001) for a walkway or for stone chimney. Rainbow Candy Coated Chips (78-5405), Cinnamon Red Hots (78-5400), Sugar Pearls (78-523), Candy Beads (78-524), Sixlets (78-526) and Candy Shapes
(78-23891) can all be used on your gingerbread house.

Whatever you choose to do, please send pictures of the final product to Email CK Products


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