Chocolate Chuckles

chocolateChocolate doesn’t only taste delicious and make us happy when we’re sad, it can also make us laugh! While we love our chocolate products we sell at CK Products, we also love the sweet sayings on some of our aprons and mugs.

To continue Celebration of Chocolate Month, here are some of our favorite chocolate sayings:

  • STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!IMG_20130213_225129
  • There is no stress that can’t be handled with prayer and chocolate.
  • CHOCOLATE: It’s cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment!
  • A balanced diet is equal amounts of white and dark chocolate.
  • Q. How many calories in a piece of chocolate? A. Who cares!
  • Anything tastes better dipped in chocolate!
  • I love you more than chocolate itself
  • Do not disturb – Chocolate fantasy in progress!
  • Nobody knows the TRUFFLES I’ve seen!
  • Just hand over the chocolate and no one gets hurt!
  • I want chocolate and I want it now!

Excuses for Eating Chocolate:

  • Chocolate? I thought this was broccoli.
  • My wombat collects the wrappers.39-A500
  • It’s not mine. I’m holding it for a friend.
  • It was melting in my hands so I put it in my mouth.
  • My mother made me do it.
  • It’s cheaper than a psychiatrist.
  • I’m a dropout from Chocoholics Anonymous.
  • It keeps vampires away.
  • I’m pregnant.
  • I’m not pregnant.
  • It comes with the territory.
  • So who needs an excuse?

So what’s your excuse for eating chocolate today?


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