Bloomed? Scuffed? Is it OK to eat this chocolate & will it perform the same?

IMG_20130214_140205“Is that mold on my chocolate? I just bought it!”

“What’s wrong with my chocolate? It looks white, and I didn’t buy white chocolate!”

“Why are there scuff marks on my chocolate?”

Here at CK Products, where we sell lots and lots of chocolate to candy makers all over the world, we get many questions about chocolate when it has bloomed or been scuffed. Most importantly, people want to know, “Is it safe to eat and will it perform the same?”

February is Celebration of Chocolate Month. While we don’t want to celebrate bloomed or scuffed chocolate, we can celebrate the fact that yes, it really is OK to eat and it will perform the same!

Bloomed Chocolate

IMG_20130214_140030Kind of like temperature changes impact the condition of our skin, it does the same to chocolate. That change is called “blooming.” Chocolate can become bloomed when it is exposed to drastic changes in temperature.

There are two types of bloom. One is “fat bloom.” This is what you see pictured to the right. When chocolate experiences fat bloom, it becomes a whitish-gray color. This happens as a result of extreme heat attacking the cocoa butter crystals.

The other type of bloom is “sugar bloom.” Sugar bloom is the result of dampness or condensation. It will look like tiny sugar crystals on the surface of your chocolate. This has happened because the sugar divided itself from the rest of the ingredients and made its way to the surface.

Blooming doesn’t affect the taste of the chocolate, and if you’re melting the chocolate down to make candy of your own, the blooming will go away. Performance is not changed.

IMG_20130214_140223Scuffed Chocolate

Before we put your chocolate into bags, it comes to us in big boxes. We have to place all that chocolate into a machine called a hopper, where the chocolate is bumped around and dropped into the bags. Naturally, this will cause some nicks and dents.

Like blooming, scuffing doesn’t cause the chocolate to taste any differently.

Blooming and scuffing can happen to anyone. Even if your beautiful chocolate pieces are smooth and even as can be, they can end up bloomed or scuffed if stored in a particular way. The key is to keep your chocolate at a steady temperature and away from moisture. But remember, even if it looks unpleasant, it is not harmful to eat, and it will still perform the same as if it were not scuffed or bloomed.


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2 thoughts on “Bloomed? Scuffed? Is it OK to eat this chocolate & will it perform the same?

    • ckproducts says:

      The shelf life is one year from the manufactured date for any of the chocolate we carry (Merckens, Clasen, Peters). If you have another brand, you will have to contact the manufacturer. Melted chocolate would be the same thing. Hope that helps! 🙂

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