Throw a Celebration of Chocolate Party!

Between Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of excuses to celebrate in 1364674_34314759February. But our favorite thing about February here at CK Products is the fact that it’s Celebration of Chocolate Month! From Merckens, to Clasen, to Peter’s, we deal with all kinds of chocolate on a daily basis, so naturally we’re excited to celebrate it.

We think you should celebrate, too, by throwing a Celebration of Chocolate Party! Here are some ideas on how you can throw a party your friends and family will want you hold every February from here on out…

OrangeballChocolate Cupcakes
They don’t have to be just regular chocolate cupcakes, consider adding some flavor to your cake mix like coffee or coconut. Top with a delicious buttercream icing and chocolate Jimmies. Or, go for a white or yellow cake mix and top with chocolate buttercream. Feeling really chocolately? Serve chocolate buttercream on chocolate cupcakes. Be ready, though, that’s A LOT of chocolate all at once! It might be just what your party guests were expecting!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Find your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and get baking! You might even want to throw in a few extra chocolate chips, simply to reinforce Celebration of Chocolate Month. To make the cookies extra special, add some decorations with candy writers. Write the word “Chocolate” on each cookie, or if you’re looking for a fun activity to do during the party, have guests decorate their own cookie!

Chocolate Covered Strawberriesstrawberry91508857
Fruit and chocolate – what a delicious combination! Dipping strawberries in chocolate has never been easier. Simply melt your confectionery coating in a cup or deep bowl, in 20-second increments in the microwave, stirring between each heating. If the chocolate is too thick, add some paramount crystals to it. Once you get the consistency you want, dip your dry strawberries in and then place on wax paper. Use candy writers to make fun shapes and designs on your dipped strawberries. If you don’t want to dip the strawberries yourself, keep the chocolate warm in a fondue pot and have guests dip the strawberries themselves.

You can’t celebrate chocolate without some good ‘ole chocolate candy. Have a “Candy Bar” loaded with glass containers of your favorite chocolate candies like Sixlets or candy coated chocolate chips. Make sure you also have some goodies you made personally. Find some chocolate molds you like and impress your party guests with some homemade chocolates. If you fear they’ll slip into a chocolate coma, you might want to send each guest home with a pretty packaged bag of chocolate so they can continue to celebrate Celebration of Chocolate Month for the rest of February!

Sure you could serve hot cocoa, chocolate shakes, or even chocolate martinis for an adult crowd, but let’s face it, with all that chocolate you’ll be serving you better have a couple gallons of milk nearby!

Pretty much everyone loves chocolate, so a Celebration of Chocolate party is sure to be a success. Don’t want to put all that work into it? Assign each of your guests a different chocolate treat to bring, and you’re chocolate spread will have all sorts of fun and scrumptious treats!

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