Cookie Cutter Commotion

cookiecutterweekThe first week of December is National Cookie Cutter Week- an entire week dedicated to the cutters that make our cookies come to life in various shapes and sizes. While they may technically be composed of the same ingredients and icing, let’s face it: cookies in fun shapes tend to taste much better than those in basic circle-cookie shape.

CK Products cookie cutters are made of high-quality tin-plated steel. We went through a bit of a “cookie cutter crisis” when our vendor went under last year, but within the past six months we’ve gone from a handful of cookie cutters in our catalog to more than 300!

When using cookie cutters, don’t just pick one shape and be done with it. Use a variety of shapes to really make things fun. Here are some of our favorite cookie cutters grouped together in some exciting categories. If you’re a business owner, consider putting cutters together in sets like these. If you’re a retail customer and you see some cutters you like, tell your local cake decorating or baking store that you want CK cookie cutters!

undertheseaUnder the Sea
Sea parties are huge right now for child birthday parties. Cookies in the shapes of shells, starfish, anchors and other under-the-sea creatures are fairly easy to decorate with your favorite fondant or royal icing.



Dinosaur Dandies
The popularity of dinosaurs never seems to go away. But what good is a party that features only one dinosaur? Some love the vicious T-Rex while others are captivated by the plant-eating Brontosaurus. Have a mixture of all your favorite dinosaurs by using a collection of dinosaur cookie cutters.


PartyThe Perfect Party
Especially for a party filled with girls and boys, it’s always safe to go with a basic party theme. Cut out cookies in the shapes of cupcakes, cake, balloons, and presents. Decorate with buttercream icing and consider sprinkling with colored sugar to make them stand out even more!


transportationTransportation Treats
Talk about a great combination of cutters for the guy who loves cars, trains and planes! Get super creative and create an entire city – trains and cars on the ground and jets and planes in the sky.


Girl GlamGirl Glam
Diamond rings, ball gowns, crowns, purses, and of course, SHOES! Everything a girl wants from the time she’s a toddler and through her adult life. Don’t stop at the icing after you make these girly-shaped cookies. Be sure to make them sparkle with edible glitter!


The next time you make cookies, whether it be for your friends and family or for your bakery, make sure you have a variety of cookie shapes to go with your theme. Find hundreds of cookie cutters at CK Products, along with everything you need to decorate!

Happy National Cookie Cutter Week! Which cookie cutters are your favorites?


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