These are a few of our favorite things…

If you think it’s hard resisting our holiday products after looking at them on the web or in our Holiday Flyer, imagine being surrounded by them every day! We see skids full of gingerbread, inhale the scent of peppermint when production is busy packaging crunch, and we hear the orders of our products from customers all around the world. Needless to say, those of us at CK Products love the holidays just as much as anyone else.

Here are some of our favorite holiday products that make the season brighter for CK employees:

“Every year I make cookies and candy for family, friends and co-workers. The all-around favorite is the toffee bark or the red & green peppermint crunch with white chocolate. My kids love to use the Christmas molds and the candy writers to decorate the molds. It’s an easy task when using the squeeze bottles and it keeps them so occupied and happy to be doing it!” – Jenny Chambless, Customer Service Team Lead

“Last year my wife made Christmas ‘Death by Chocolate’ goodie bags for all the kids and young-at-heart adults. She used the Mercken’s Cocoa Lite and covered peanuts, mini pretzels, popcorn and bacon! She put it all in small gift bags and passed them out. They were a most excellent gift!” – Randy Thomas, Maintenance Supervisor

“My favorites are the cake mixes and the buttercream icing. I tried the cake mixes one time and it was the best cake I ever had- I was convinced! I will never go back to box mixes again. And the buttercream icing… I want to be buried with that stuff!” – Star Johnson, International Accounts Representative

“I like making fudge with Shirl out of Merckens, for Christmas.” – Rosie Tinkle, Customer Service/New Accounts

“The CK Premium Chocolate Cake Mix, along with the chocolate buttercream icing flavored with the English Toffee oil, topped with the toffee candy crunch was a tremendous hit at my last family gathering.” – Tonya Yoder, Production/Inventory Clerk

“I love to make cupcakes, and I love peppermint, so our peppermint-flavored candy cane edible confetti is the perfect topping for my holiday cupcakes! They look great on red buttercream, and even after Christmas is over, I put our snowflake edible confetti on our blue buttercream for a fun winter-themed treat.” – Natalie Trout, Marketing Assistant

What about you? Which CK Products items do you like best for your holiday baking?


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