Customer Spotlight: Bake

Business name: Bake
Owner: Alicia M. Brown
Locations: Glendale, Arizona (headquarters), California, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Washington, Wisconsin
CK Products customer: 2 years

bake | create | decorate ~ touch | try | taste

In the baking world, so many times you buy something, and then try it, only to discover that it’s not what you wanted. Alicia M. Brown knows your frustrations and saw a need for something different.

“We wanted to incorporate a (do-it-yourself) studio for creative do-it-yourselfers who wanted to try products before buying them,” Brown said.

They wanted to spread the word- “Come in, use our tools, and have fun!”

The problem was, a local Arizona store wouldn’t address the needs of people in rural communities or people outside of the state. That’s when Brown decided to take her concept nationwide with “Bake.”

Bake hires consultants to bring tools, supplies and ingredients into homes so people can try them before they buy them. The Bake Consultants are unique because they come into homes, hold the classes for free and then the hostesses earn free gifts and discounts on Bake products. Some of Bake’s most popular party themes are cake pops, filled cupcakes, cocktail cupcakes, chocolates, designer cookies, and working with fondant.

Brown has heard many customers say, “I could never do that!” when looking at beautiful cake pops and cupcakes. But once they get to roll up their sleeves at a Bake Home Party and actually try it, they see that it isn’t difficult to be creative, and that it’s really fun.

Bake Home Parties are beneficial for the Bake Consultants, too.

“I love that people who dream of having their own bakery or cupcakery, but are busy with families and don’t have the financing, can work in the business they love by becoming a Bake Consultant, setting their own hours and being their own boss,” Brown said.

Another thing Brown loves about the company is their “Bake a Difference” campaign that supports many charitable causes like breast cancer organizations, The Heart Association, and other awareness campaigns.

Bake carries more than 1,200 products including specialty pans, cupcake liners,flavorings, edible glitter, fondant, buttercream, chocolate molds, and more. More than 90% of their inventory comes from CK Products.

Some of Bake’s most popular items:

Cupcake Corer – “It seems at every party people order them!”

Candy Writers – “They are so convenient and versatile. They are great for decorating cake pops or making monogrammed chocolate using round or square mint molds.”

Cookie Scoops – “Perfect for portioning cupcakes and cake pops.”

Brown said she works with CK Products on nearly a daily basis, and she loves being a customer.

“Once I even received a call from CK Products vice president and general manager, Steve Burdick, to see how we could best work together,” Brown said. “Knowing that they realize the challenges small business owners face and are willing to work with us to address them really says a lot about them. Thanks CK!”

For more information on Bake, check out their website at View their catalog, read news and recipes, and find out how to host a party in your area.

“We have Bake Consultants who love what they do and are in many states, looking forward to continuing to bring Bake to everyone!” Brown said.

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