Grandparents Day and Baking Memories

When we think “grandparents”, many of us have a flood of emotions. While some are lucky enough to still have grandparents around, others have only memories. And some have become grandparents themselves.

One thing is for sure, most of us remember something special grandma or grandpa made in the kitchen. From pies and cakes, to cookies and candies, there are some things we just can’t eat without remembering our grandparents.

Today is National Grandparents Day. In honor and in memory of our grandparents who baked their way into our hearts for eternity, we’ve decided to reflect on some of our favorite baking memories with grandma.

“I remember my grandmother always making lemon meringue pie when she knew I was coming to visit, as she always knew that was my favorite. (It still is!) She made everything from scratch and it was always amazingly beautiful. She used to “let” me beat the eggs for it and I can tell you right now that my arm is STILL sore from beating those eggs. The pies were always a work of art to behold, and it seemed a shame to cut into that beautiful thing, but I certainly made the effort!”
– Star Johnson, International Accounts Representative, CK Fort Wayne

“My grandma makes the best vanilla cake with chocolate frosting– that’s my favorite. She also makes chocolate chip cookies for my 2-year-old daughter. My daughter loves everything my grandma makes!”
– Lucinda Brown, Packaging, CK Fort Wayne

“During my childhood my Grandmother Richardson would always bring me a freshly, made-from-scratch strawberry shortcake with strawberries which were frozen and prepared during the summer months. My birthday is in February, and you would never have known that it wasn’t 100% fresh strawberry topping over the shortcake made from her mother’s recipe. I will never forget this, and I still miss receiving those awesome cakes every year.”
– Tom Richardson, Branch Manager, CK South

“My Grandma Shideler always made sugar cookies. It was a homemade recipe,along with her very own royal icing. Grandma wasn’t a very creative decorator. The cookies were usually imperfect circles, as she never used cookie cutters, and the icing was just spread on with a spoon. But what they looked like didn’t matter. They were the best-tasting sugar cookies I’ve ever had. I will never forget them!”
– Natalie A. Trout, Marketing Assistant, CK Fort Wayne

“My grandma made apple dumplings every Sunday for dinner. She enjoyed making them, and it took most of the day to make. They were the best!”
– Jack Vulgamott, Labels, CK Fort Wayne



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