Eat What You Want

Strawberry cheesecake, a bowl of cereal and two hot wings.

If Dennis, a CK Products warehouse runner, could have anything to eat today, that would be it. And since it’s officially Eat What You Want Day, he might as well do it.

We so often deprive ourselves of the things we love most because they aren’t good for our hips, thighs or arteries. But May 11 is a day you can throw everything you learned in health class out the window, and eat what you want. Well, according to whoever created this silly “holiday.”

Those of us who work here at CK Products have a wide range of passions when it comes to food. I was curious to find out exactly what some of my co-workers would eat if they could have anything today. See anything on the list that sounds good?

Kendrick – cake made by Shirley (Marketing/Merchandising Manager at CK Products)

Jenny – cupcakes

Shawn – edamame and sushi (specifically a “chicken wing roll” which he has yet to invent!)

Sarah – a nice, big, juicy medium-well-done steak with some loaded mashed potatoes on the side, or a big fat steak chimichanga (She’s all about the steak!)

Star – an ice cream buffet with a brownie for dessert

Lisa – Outback cheese fries (I’m pretty sure she clocked out and left to go get some after I talked to her!)

Jon – wishes they made giant Twinkies, but since they don’t, he’d like some chocolate covered Oreos

Jeff – garlic buttered shrimp

John – pasta and rice balls from Palermo with a bottle of Chianti and a cannoli for dessert

Paul – steak and baked potato

Andrea – crab legs with melted butter

Kelly – prime rib with horseradish sauce

Christie and Michelle – Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich

Natalie – veal marsala from her favorite French restaurant in Niger, Africa

Rick – a gigantic taco salad

Rosie – a thin crust anchovy pizza

Tonya – chicken palermo and salad from Casa’s (local Italian restaurant)

Clint – Pizza King royal feast

Robert – a pizza with the works

So, what would you eat if you could have anything in the world today on Eat What You Want Day?


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